European Cafe Culture

Experience the Incredible Cafe Culture in Europe this winter

Europe is definitely a wonderful place to visit. The history has many turns. It is beautifully surrounded by mountains on three sides. Many great countries originated in Europe. You may find different climate throughout Europe.

During the winter, it may be snowing and -30 degrees Celsius. For this winter, enjoy the coffee culture in Europe. Winter can make your coffee experience really very beautiful.

The café culture is an important part of peoples’ everyday lives, in many countries across Europe. When you visit each country, you can learn a lot about the locals and their traditions by simply exploring the cafés.

By seeing this, you will be surprised by just how much they differ from each other, and how much their traditions tell you about the people themselves.

Café Culture in different places

Café culture is a big deal and a big part of Europe. In Europe, the coffee time called as fika, and you will see that coffee is served with fikabröd which is called coffee bread. This can be anything from Swedish cinnamon buns, sweet bread and biscuits often all of them at once.

All the family members or all the colleagues at work will come and sit together and take a long time to drink their coffee. For friends to meet, fika is also one of the most common ways to express the friendship. Whenever you visit Sweden and you want to hang out with your family or friends then ask them out for “fika”.

As in Sweden, people take out their time and sit for hours with a cup of coffee, Italians are fast in drinking them. They can do it standing up by the home or restaurant. It may also depend upon the type of coffee they have ordered.

They can have it like a shot also. But one thing to keep in mind that when you order for, it means espresso for them. You will be surprised to see that all the Italian people take coffee and biscuits in the breakfast.

That is the way they take it. In Europe, people drink coffee at a specific time of the day. Milk bases coffee is mostly taken in the morning but they will never have it after a meal or in the evening.

There is also a culture of afternoon tea. The afternoon tea has become very famous in English culture. In the 18th century, women used to forbidden in a coffee house.

They would drink teas and coffees outside in the garden. A typical afternoon tea usually includes warm scones which are enjoyed by people in the city. This can be your great experience in Europe.